Well hello there!

Wilkinson’s Quartet is a play on my name, Candler A. Wilkinson IV, and here you’ll find lots of sounds from yodeling to swingin’ music.

The band consists of any combination of guitar, double bass aka upright bass (it’s not a cello!) , fiddle, steel guitar, piano, horns, and drums, etc.,. There’s some harmony singin’ goin’ on at times as well.

Email, text, or call and leave a message. We are available for private parties, weddings, public parties, divorces, keg parties, kids parties, private lessons, funerals, audits, writing music for movies and commercials, etc., book us for your event and remember, cash is king!

I hope you dance as much as you listen and listen as much as you dance, and I above all I hope this music helps you find some happiness.

– Candler IV